Best Email Encryption Services And Software 2023

The best email encryption services

Data loss and leaking sensitive, confidential information are two of the biggest problems internet users face, making email encryption services a vital tool for keeping everything safe and secure. This is especially important for individuals with businesses. Email encryption services can offer real peace of mind.

Whether you run a website that sends out a monthly newsletter or a big business that regularly emails customers, your email services need to be secure.

Unfortunately, email communications aren’t very secure, with a large risk of exposed confidential information and data. This can be detrimental to a business. Therefore, a reliable email encryption solution is required.

Luckily for you, today we’re going to show you the best. In this article, we’ve listed the best email encryption platforms on the market.

We’ll show you what each one offers, look at how they protect your emails and even provide you with a useful buyer’s guide that will make it much easier to make a final decision.

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Trustifi email

The first email encryption service on our list is Trustifi. Trustifi prides itself on providing enhanced protection for email communications, no matter who you are.

Trustifi’s innovative platform offers high levels of defense against various attacks and leaks. Securing emails via end-to-end email encryption, you can rest assured that no matter which platforms you’re on, your emails will be protected.

Aside from providing strong protection from threats, Trustifi will also ensure your emails are 100% compliant with every data protection law and regulation. This takes the hassle of doing so away from you.

Using this email encryption platform couldn’t be any easier either. Senders can effortlessly send encrypted emails in just one click without signing in or creating an account.

Offering plenty of control, straightforward integration, and two-factor authentication, you’ll have a fully protected email system in no time.


  • Highly secure – Your business emails will be safe.
  • Easy-to-use – Integrating this system takes little time.
  • Cloud-based – Strong solution for businesses working with clients.


  • Slow response time – It can take a while for the Trustifi team to reply to queries.



Founded in 2013, ProtonMail is an excellent choice for those looking for more than just email protection.

Whilst ProtonMails provides one of the best email encryption services online; it also offers a range of other business tools that help to protect privacy. This includes VPN services and drive protection.

When it comes to hardware security and email encryption, ProtonMail takes some beating. With servers firmly locked down in a Swiss bunker, the email protection offered is much more secure than any cloud-based email protection service.

One of the best things about the platform is that all emails are automatically encrypted. This is something services like Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail don’t provide.

Emails are protected via public-key cryptography, which guarantees end-to-end encryption. The zero-access architecture also ensures nobody can access any of your messages.

As if all this wasn’t enough, there’s even a free plan that gives users 500MB of storage to get going.


  • Super secure – ProtonMail is incredibly secure.
  • Versatile – This service also offers VPN and drive protection.
  • Free plan – You can sign up for a free 500MB plan.


  • No PC client – ProtonMail is web-based, so it has no PC client.

Microsoft Office Message Encryption

Microsoft office email encryption

Next up, we have Microsoft Office Message Encryption. Super easy-to-use and built into the Office 365 package, Microsoft’s email encryption service gives users the freedom to send and receive emails securely.

Providing internal and external emails with encryption, regulation compliance, and custom policies, securing your data and any client information is easy. One great feature that sets Microsoft’s service apart is the Transport Layer Security-enabled network. This adds an extra layer of security to every email sent.

Built with a cost-effect infrastructure, so users don’t have to break the bank to keep their business data secure, decrypting and reading encrypted emails is very easy and requires no additional client software.

Reviewing this email encryption service, we appreciated how well the system works alongside other tools. This makes the general day-to-day management of a business much better and more organized.


  • Affordable – This service won’t break the bank.
  • Easy-to-use – Simple solutions are available.
  • Create custom policies – Create email regulations based on your rules.


  • Missing features – Extra features would make this service better.


securemyemail encryption

As far as simple yet effective email encryption solutions go, SecureMyEmail could be the best option. Priding itself on offering ultimate email protection across the board, SecureMyEmail is highly praised for its versatility.

Whether you operate on Microsoft, iCloud, Yahoo, Google, or others, SecureMyEmail will easily encrypt your emails. On top of that, the services on offer will provide protection in over 200 countries.

Another excellent thing about SecureMyEmail’s services is that you don’t need to create a new email account. Instead, you can sync all of the necessary data with the email you currently use. The email must support IMAP.

To support and secure emails, SecureMyEmail uses PGP. While this service is very strong, it is only recommended for use with a small group of contacts.

This platform will create a key for every conversation to keep your messages secure, ensuring their contents are well protected.


  • Intuitive – SecureMyEmail has its own app.
  • Free plan – You can use the services for free.
  • Constantly improving – New features are regularly released.


  • Not suited to client emails – Suited to small contact lists.


mimecast secure messaging

Those looking for a global security platform that offers high-quality email security for businesses should look at Mimecast.

Mimecast offers a fantastic encryption service that utilizes an effective web portal method to protect and encrypt emails.

This allows users to send secure emails via existing client emails. Recipients can then log in to a webpage to view the email.

Letting you securely send emails without any worry or data loss, Mimecast has several useful features that help protect data. This includes admin reports without the contents of the protected email.

This platform also offers a range of user controls to keep emails even more secure. The user controls we liked most were the ability to see when an email has been opened and restrictions on the forwarding of emails. Email access can also be revoked.


  • Perfect for businesses – Securely email clients.
  • Neat features – Customize your encryption.
  • Strong data protection – Client information won’t be leaked.


  • No defined pricing – Prices are only given upon quote request.


cisco email security

The next email encryption platform on our list is Cisco. Cisco provides users with all the usual email protection features they would expect whilst also giving the user the option to customize their experience so that it suits their needs and requirements.

The protection provided by Cisco is delivered using a secure web portal. Using this web portal, users can encrypt emails, comply with regulations, and set up policies.

One of the best policies to set up is the automation of emails. This feature gives Cisco permission to automatically encrypt all your emails.

One of the service’s biggest draws is its features offered to end-users. End users can expire email access, receive email receipts, and recall any mistakenly sent emails.

The ability to reply to and forward emails can also be controlled using the Cisco platform. All of the above controls are included with normal client emails.

Admins are also given access to detailed reports.


  • Great end-user controls – End users are given plenty of handy features.
  • Easy-to-use – Easily encrypt emails.
  • Automatic – Set emails to automatic encryption.


  • No confirmed prices – Prices can only be given upon request.


preveil email gateway

PreVeil provides its users with high levels of security that will successfully protect data and massively reduce the risks of any data breaches. A type of end-to-end encryption service, PreVeil provides encryption for the Defense Industrial Base.

Compared to other encryption services on this list, it easily offers one of the better services. Built on highly effective and secure encryption standards, PreVeil adds encryption to every one of your inboxes without needing to change or create a new email address.

Once set up, only the email’s recipient and sender can see what it contains. Any hackers who attempt to breach your emails will be greeted with gibberish.

The platform’s encryption solutions allow administrators to modify, create, and delete groups and users. Admins can also set company-wide regulations and strict email encryption policies.

Brilliantly, stolen or lost devices can also be disabled.

Working well with most operating systems, PreVeil also complies with all the necessary email encryption regulations.


  • Strong service – Even lost or stolen devices can be disabled to protect your business.
  • Compliant – PreVeil follows all necessary regulations.
  • Feature-packed – This service has an array of features to choose from.


  • Pricey – PreVeil is quite expensive.



The final email encryption service on our list is ZixEncrypt. This platform provides its clients with policy-based services that help streamline end-user experiences while offering the best protection possible.

Allowing admins to customize policies based on their needs and requirements, ZixEncrypt takes the information onboard and encrypts the necessary emails. The emails chosen for encryption can be chosen by the admin by simply selecting a keyword.

The protection provided by ZixEncrypt operates via a secure web portal, end-to-end encryption, and PDF encryption. The service is recognized as the best for delivery.

Users can quickly encrypt emails by implementing content filters before swiftly hitting the send button. The recipient can then open the email just like any other.

Despite offering global security and effective protection measures, one of our favorite things about this service is its customer support. Customer support is friendly, fast, and very effective.


  • Good customer service – ZixEncrypt is always on hand to help.
  • Great client experience – Your clients can open emails easily.
  • Strong reputation – ZixEncrypt is reliable.


  • No prices – Prices are only given on request.

Email Encryption Buyer’s Guide

Deciding which email encryption platform to use isn’t as simple as picking the first one you see. Instead, you need to consider many key factors to find the right option.

In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find the most important factors, so be sure to take the points we make on board.

Security Features

Probably the most important factor affecting your decision is security features. The platform you choose must have the necessary security features to protect your emails. If your chosen platform doesn’t have the features you need, your emails could be attacked quickly.

Your service should offer protection from viruses, hackers, eavesdropping, phishing, and spyware.

Ease of Use

The platform you decide to use will be responsible for protecting sensitive information and client details. Therefore, you need to be able to use it correctly and easily.

With this in mind, it is important to find an email encryption platform that is intuitive, straightforward, and requires little effort to get right.

Aside from a simple yet effective website, you can find a platform that is easy to use by reading reviews and identifying key factors that make the whole process easier.

For example, a platform that offers automation is much easier to use than one that doesn’t.


For the email encryption service to work with your business’s emails, you must ensure it’s compatible. Whilst most platforms are compatible across most devices, and operating systems, not all of them cover everything.

Some might only specialize in more popular systems like Gmail. As a result, you should consider the email account you’ll be using and then look at the platforms that offer the best service for that account.

Doing this will ensure you don’t instantly feel regret when you start using the wrong platform.


Of course, you’ll also have to consider pricing at some point. This is important for many reasons. Firstly, you don’t want to pay a subscription fee that you can’t afford to keep up the costs. Secondly, you can save money by avoiding expensive platforms that offer services you don’t need.

Finally, you can save time by only looking at the platforms that fit your budget.

With all of this in mind, we recommend setting yourself a budget. Only then should you start seriously considering the services you need.

By doing this, you can save time by only looking at the platforms you can afford, avoid overspending, and, most importantly, evaluate the features you need.

This can help you avoid the purchase of any unnecessary features.

Secure Encrypted Email Frequently Asked Questions

Which Email Encryption Platform Is The Best?

In our opinion, the best email encryption platform is ProtonMail. We believe this because the services the platform offers can’t be matched by other platforms.
On top of that, when it comes to security, ProtonMail has the best security on the market. Encrypting emails automatically is super easy; you can even send encrypted messages to friends.

Are Email Encryption Services Worth It?

Yes, email encryption services are worth it. They help protect your and your client’s sensitive information and ensure your email systems comply with the rules.
By protecting email data from phishing, spyware, and eavesdropping, you can rest assured that your business is secure.

Can You Encrypt Emails For Free?

Yes, you can encrypt your emails for free using a free package that most email encryption platforms offer.

This is great for encrypting a smaller database of emails. Still, you should consider a paid package if you own a business or have a large collection of important emails.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best email encryption platforms you’ll currently find on the market.

Email encryption services are essential for those who either collect sensitive client data, email colleagues or simply send newsletters to a contact list.

Without a reliable, high-quality email encryption tool, leaks and data breaches are all too common. An email encryption tool will also help you keep your emails in line with current regulations and laws.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the best email encryption platforms, looking at their pros and cons. We’ve also provided you with a handy buyer’s guide to help you make a good decision.

All that’s left to do now is narrow the list until you find the best email encryption service that suits your needs and requirements.