Docs Linux wlan FAQ 1

1. Preface

Before you begin

1.1 Republication

This is a slightly modified republication of the original Linux-WLAN FAQ authored by Dries Buytaert ( ) from 6 Mar 2000 that is no longer available on-line (or at least not at the old URL, ). A new, completely rewritten FAQ and/or HOWTO is being planned by AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc. personnel with community contributions. We plan to release this forthcoming version under the GNU Free Documentation License (FDL).

Please contact Bryan ” TheBS” Smith ( ) regarding any interest in rewriting whole sections of this FAQ. Please note that we are NOT soliciting any comments nor corrections on this aged FAQ at this time.

1.2 Where can I find the latest edition of this FAQ?

The latest edition of this FAQ can be found at