The Top 10 Phishing Protection Software Solutions 2023

Top 10 phishing protection solutions

We have become much more dependent on the digital world and communicating digitally. As we are relying more upon our emails, we are becoming vulnerable to cyberattacks such as phishing. 

Phishing is known as a cyber crime that is based on email fraud. Someone is disguising themselves as someone that is trustworthy.

This way they can trick their victims into giving them sensitive data like passwords, financial information and usernames. It is known that phishing emails can actually target up to thousands of people at once. They are really common and a very dangerous online crime that is seen today. 

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 phishing protection solutions to make sure your emails are protected from phishing attacks.

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Ironscales has been very in demand as it has become a fast-growing email security company. Popular all over the world, and is one of the leaders in the anti-phishing technology market.

With this company, their post-delivery solution will offer you protection against phishing email threats such as account takeover, business email compromise, and VIP impersonation.

Ironscales uses a cloud-based program, which is compatible with Google Workspace, and Microsoft Office 365. This means that it is used to set up and doesn’t require changing any MX records. 

How It Works

Once you purchase the program, the whole platform is delivered to you in one admin dashboard. The Ironscales security trams will be able to detect and solve any phishing attacks that you may receive.

This is because this platform uses human and artificial intelligence to identify while also removing any malicious emails in real time. 

Hence, once a suspicious email has been delivered or detected, then the Ironscales security analyst, who happens to be named Themis.

They will detect the issue and remove the dangerous activity from all end user inboxes that have been impacted. As a result, this reduces any workload that your security team is already busy with.

What is clever, is that every time the system detects any suspicious emails, then the system remembers and logs the activity. This is so that the same attack can’t happen again to your inboxes. 

You can also report suspicious emails yourself, by the use of a simple button. This button can be used on both desktop and mobile and found in your inbox.

This button will then notify anyone else that has happened to receive this email as well. In addition, Ironscales also offers its users awareness training to teach them how to identify and report phishing attacks. 


Proofpoint phishing protection

Proofpoint is another leader in the market for email security solutions, It is known that Proofpoint has an annual revenue of over 1 billion dollars.

This company offers Proofpoint Essentials, which is a bundle of services which offers you the promise of complete and utter protection for any small or medium-sized organization. 

The Essentials package gives you multiple layers of protection. As it combines antivirus technology with archiving, secure email gateway and email encryption to help you to keep your data safe.

Thus reducing you and your employees becomes a victim of a malware issue, hacks or phishing scams. Everything in the Essentials bundle combines several security technologies to help protect your inboxes from phishing. 

How It Works

The MLX  technology that Proofpoint uses will examine the image, attachment and text in your emails to see if they can see any signs of spam or phishing.

This technology is 99% effective in detecting phishing and scam emails. In addition, the technology used is always adapting and changing so that it can detect new threats once they appear.

Then after that step has been taken, the URL defense and attacking defense protocols detect and catch any malicious attachments and URLs.

These will often be URLs or attachments that are known to often target small organizations. This is when the antivirus technology will finally scan the emails and texts. It will block and hold off any known viruses to keep your inbox as safe as possible.

With Proofpoint Essentials, they use a heuristic scanning technology. This means that the technology is always evolving so that it can detect and protect your emails from unknown and new viruses that may show up. All known threats are taken care of. 

The Essential packages allow you to use all Proof Point’s security systems easily. While also, it will naturally adapt to meet the requirements of a smaller organization.

Thus, if you have a small to medium-sized organization, then Proofpoint Essentials will be the perfect solution to protect your organization from viruses, scams and phishing attacks

Abnormal Security

Abnormal e-mail security

Abnormal Security will give you an enterprise graded protection against supply chain fraud, social engineering attacks and phishing attacks. What this system will offer you is an iCloud email security system with a precise data approach.

This then makes sure that your emails are fully protected from attacks. In addition, the system can easily detect and respond to any attacks that you may come across. 

Over 1,000 companies have put their trust in Abnormal Society to help them protect their emails from phishing attacks. 

How It Works

This system uses an AI system to understand good behaviors and through the use of 45,000 signals, the AI will be able to detect any abnormal behavior. As the system understands what good behavior is, then the AI will naturally select and block unwanted internal and external emails.

While also, it will detect and remediate any compromised accounts. With this system, it allows you to have a much simpler security system for your emails. 

With this system, it is much more suited to be integrated into a Microsoft 365 API. It will then get to work easily with no distractions caused by your emails.

Users have praised this security system with how smoothly it integrates over with Microsoft 365. Also, users enjoyed the advanced threat protection to emails and the support team that are incredibly responsive and helpful. 

Hence, if your organization is using Microsoft 365, then this solution is perfect for protecting you against phishing attacks. 


Trustifi e-mail encryption

Trustifi is the ideal solution for email security. Trustifi uses an encryption provider which will allow a business to protect their inbound and outbound emails against any threats such as phishing attacks. 

With this solution, Trsutifi uses a security system that will keep any of your sensitive data safe from hackers. This is due to the outbound and inbound encryption security system that this company uses. 

How It Works

With this system, the inbound security system will scan your organization’s inboxes for any malicious emails. It will then block any threats that it detects. In addition, Trustifi is deployed using an API, which means you don’t need to change any of your MX records. It is also compatible with both Google Workspace and Office 365. 

The shield scans that Trustifi uses on all inbound emails. This means it is searching for any malware attachments, phishing attacks or spam.

Each email is in fact assigned a threat type and level. Authenticated means that the email is safe for you to open and read. While there are warnings such as spoofing attacks or immersion attacks. This means that these emails are dangerous to open. 

When it comes to high theater emails, they will be either blocked, guaranteed or delivered, but there will be a warning about opening them. Yet, the aim of this software is to make sure that no malicious emails reach your inbox unnoticed. 

Admins can set up their preferred quarantine policies and any white or black-listing to stop any attacks from repeating themselves.

Alongside the inbound system, Trustifi also offers you AES 256-bit encryption for any outbound emails as well.

This is to ensure that any data that you send out is stored and sent as safely and securely as possible. Customers have prided themselves on how easy this platform is to use, and the easy setup means that your organization is instantly protected once deployed.

Trustifi is a friendly solution when you are trying to stop phishing attacks and keep your sensitive information safe. 

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 used to be known as ATP. This is another cloud-based security solution for emails that will protect your emails from virus and any malware content.

Typically, Microsoft Defender is usually included in some subscription plans that Microsoft offers. However, it can also be brought as an add-on.

The administrators at Microsoft 365 can use the URL tracing and inbuilt reporting features to get a better insight into the types of attacks that its users keep experiencing. 

How It Works

The Defender uses an anti-phishing method which makes a machine that learns modules to check all of your inbound messages. They are searching for any indicators that the content in the message could be a phishing attack. This can include the sender’s address, the content in the message or the tagline/header.

Once a threat has been found, then the message is blocked. Microsoft Defender also has the capabilities to be able to detect and block any malicious attachments and links in messages as well. This feature can be used in your Team’s and OneDrive accounts. Thus keeping all your files safe from any phishing attacks. 

This is a very popular solution as it is quite cheap. Also, customers liked the integration which is quite seamless. However, if you need a more advanced solution, then you may need to look at some of the more powerful solutions that have been suggested above. 


Avanan email security

Avanan uses an advanced malware, data loss, phishing and account compromise solution. It has been specially designed to be seamlessly integrated with Office 365.

You can configure the program manually, but the process is simple and fast. Then, once it has been installed, Avanan will offer you protection for all your cloud applications such as teams, OneDrive and Google Drive. 

How It Works

Avanan technology uses a machine-learning algorithm which will automatically analyze all your emails and patterns.

Then the platform can detect any fraudulent or impersonation messages easily. It will detect malicious emails by the location and time that the email was sent. Also, it will look at the content of the email and the domain as well to identify any threats. 

Alongside that, the technology is always learning and adapting to any new attacks that you may receive. Each user’s inbox is completely protected, from in and outbound emails. Thus, Avanan can easily detect corrupted accounts to prevent any attacks from taking place. 


Agari email protection

Agari uses predictive AI to help protect your organization from your email being compromised or any phishing attacks. Agari is a big name that has worked with big companies such as Apple.

These solutions have been designed to work Office 365. With Agari you have the choice of 2 phishing protective solutions. These are Phishing Response and Phishing Defense. 

How It Works

With phishing defense, this system uses a predictive AI, which will learn your organization’s behavioral patterns and relationships.

Then with this information, it has collected, it will detect any unusual behavior outside these patterns.

Then the AI will determine the threat level of the suspicious email. This system can block any phishing attacks from any corrupted accounts, to prevent them from phishing attacks on other members of your organization. 

While, the phishing response system, lets your employees report any suspicious emails that they may think are phishing attacks.

Then the Agari technology will analyze the report and decide whether it is just a false alarm or a real threat.

It has been said that Agari is trying to reduce its response time to phishing attacks to 95%. Thus, this method is fast and very effective. Simple to integrate with Microsoft 365 systems. It helps to add an extra layer of protection to your emails and catch any threats that may try to sneak through. 

Barracuda Sentinel

Barracuda Ai threat detection

Barracuda Sentinel uses a multiple layered cloud, network and email security system. This is another solution which uses an AI system to help its users against any account takeovers and phishing attacks.

This protection is part of the Barracuda Complete Email Protection Solution. Alongside this, the solution also includes the PhishLine awareness training, which helps give users extra training on what to look out for when it comes to phishing attacks. 

How It Works

This is another system which will integrate seamlessly into Microsoft 365. It will identify any in and outbound email attacks. This is all done through the use of an AI which will learn the patterns of each member of your organization.

Then the AI is able to detect any signs in each email whether the emails are safe or not. If the AI does detect a threat, then the program will block the message before the intended user has the chance to open and read the message. 

In addition to this, as this program uses AI, then very little administration is needed. You can also enroll your organization on a training course for phishing attacks.

This can help your employees to know what to look out for, which then gives everyone an extra layer of protection. Barracuda Sentinel is ideal for small organizations, and with its competitive prices, it is a great option to consider. 


Cofence PhishMe Awareness

Cofense was originally known as PhishMe. However, with a new name, Cofense offers another great phishing solution to give you protection and training against phishing attacks.

This company uses a mixture of human involvement and automatic responses. Condense, allows employees to identify and block any phishing emails in just a few clicks. 

What is great, is that Cofense offers organizations training courses so that employees can grow their awareness of phishing attacks. This means everyone knows what to look out for and the chances of someone being fooled by a phishing attack are massively reduced. 

How It Works

Cofense uses the Confense Report, this is an add-on button which allows you and your employees to report any suspicious activity or emails to a security team.

This add-on button is compatible with Gmail, IBM Notes and Outlook.  Then AI and an automated spam engine, are both used to look at the report and decide whether the report was a false alarm or a real threat. 

If a real threat is identified, then the message will be isolated. Then your security team using the Cofense Vision tool can identify and quarantine any threats that they find.

Just with a single click, an admin can isolate one dangerous email from every other user with that email in their inbox. Although, messages can be put out of isolation or quarantine if they have to be found harmless. 

The security training can help teach any uses of Defense how to react and identify phishing attacks much more easily.

This is done through scenario based situations that the employees go through and complete. These scenarios are customizable so that they can get a real feel of what to look out for on a day-to-day basis.

This will also help your employees get used to reporting using this program, so that it becomes second nature to them.


Mimecast Email Security Solutions

Mimecast is believed to have around 36,000 customers worldwide. They are loved for their flexible and customizable products.

The phishing protective system is part of the overall email and continuity solution stent that Mimecast offers. This is a subscription which has a very easy to use platform. 

How It Works

Mimecast uses an automated and instant protection service against any phishing attacks. The program scenes all of your inbound emails in real-time and will look for any indicators that there is some content in the message that could be harmful.

Once a harmful or suspicious email is found, then Mimecast will automatically block the email so that it does not reach your inbox. 

As well as that, the Mimecast technology will scan all URLs to prevent any further attacks from being sent.

Also, all attachments are sent to the sandbox, before they are sent to the end-user. Therefore, any suspicious emails are opened and quarantined in a safe environment. This means that no dodgy or dangerous files will ever reach you and corrupt your systems. 

Mimecast does its best in making your organization as safe as it can be against any phishing attacks.

They also provide you with simple analytics and reports to help you understand what they have been doing. While also, this product is very customizable and flexible, thus perfect for any medium-sized and enterprise organizations. 

Best Phishing Awareness Training And Simulation Solutions

Based on the quality of training, content, reporting, price and user reviews.

Final Thoughts

In the context of cybersecurity, Phishing attacks are extremely common, and it is something that a lot of companies need to be careful about and look out for.

As a result, the best thing to do is install or purchase a phishing protection solution. This will ensure all your in and outbound emails are safe and protected from any scams or hackers.

We hope you have found this article useful. We have given you a list of our top 10 solutions for phishing that we believe will help you solve this problem!