The Top 11 Endpoint Security Software Solutions For Business (Compared & Reviewed)

The top 11 endpoint security software solutions for business

Most months we’ll be asked what are the top endpoint security software solutions for business? Endpoint security solutions have had to evolve quickly to keep pace with the growing threat to corporate systems and data from cyberattacks, malware and hacking.

An endpoint security solution protects devices and is constantly analyzing traffic to detect threats and risks to your business.

Data is one of the most important and valuable assets of any business. So, it is vital to put adequate security protections in place to prevent breaches and the possible loss of data. 

The world of cyberattacks is growing exponentially and to keep ahead of the curve it is essential to know what threats are out there and how they could affect your organization.

The multiplicity of endpoint devices has made the need for security solutions all the more urgent for any corporation or enterprise.

Laptops, tablets, mobile devices, printers and network devices all have to be included in the blanket of detection and protection. Mobile workforces and BYOD practices have further complicated endpoint security. 

As cybersecurity threats grow and evolve, so too must the means to prevent them. More and more advanced security is needed to prevent unauthorized or malicious access to your data and network.

So, we have looked at the top 11 endpoint security solutions for business to give you a running start and help you keep your enterprise safe. 

ESET’s Endpoint Security

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Top-rated endpoint security, antivirus, file server security & cloud-based management.

ESET’s Endpoint Security is a cloud based multi-layer protection platform. It has been designed to protect businesses of all sizes from cybersecurity breaches such as ransomware, malware, viruses and fileless attacks. 

The platform can be managed from a single console while protecting computers, servers, mobile devices and the virtual environment. 

A joint venture between machine learning and human threat intelligence allows ESET’s Endpoint Security to pick up and prevent attacks before they happen. It monitors all applications and users to detect behaviors that may indicate a threat or potential breach of security.

The solution also gives web browsing protection to deter the download of suspicious files and gives administrators the ability to blacklist sites that are known to be malicious. It operates subtly and does not slow down an organization’s systems. 

There are three levels of protection available from ESET, depending on the size and needs of your organization:

Protect Entry is easy to use and offers a multi-layered endpoint protection with strong machine learning. 

Protect Advanced adds powerful data security and defense against ransomware and zero-day threats. 

Protect Complete gives your business all of the above with the addition of cloud application protection. 


  • On site or cloud based endpoint protection 
  • Lightweight, will not slow down your business systems
  • Three levels of protection depending on the needs of your business
  • Easy to use with multi-layered protection


  • Most suitable for mid-size companies

CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection

crowdstrike endpoint protection

CrowdStrike offers a standard endpoint protection platform that monitors and protects your devices in two parts. The first is Falcon Prevent, a malware detecting antivirus.

The second is Falcon Insight, which is an Endpoint Detection and Response platform. This allows you to continually monitor endpoint devices and detect potential threats. 

The automatic detection of threats means that prioritized alerts are issued to warn of an attack, while machine learning provides powerful antivirus capabilities and blocks threats. 

Behavioral analysis and integrated threat intelligence exposes the context behind attacks, and the real time response to threats highlights which endpoint is in danger and allows you to take action immediately. 

A malware sandboxing module gives protection against emerging threats and allows environmental customization. Falcon Spotlight is a vulnerability assessment which you can use to identify and close security gaps. 

Designed for small to medium businesses, CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection is modular and extendable, allowing you to upgrade your protection when your business grows.

It has multi optional modules for increased security and enhanced endpoint protection. 


  • A cloud based protection platform which is flexible and scalable 
  • Threats blocked through machine learning and behavioral analysis
  • Strong protection for Mac devices
  • Real time response to threats


  • Support is not very quick to resolve issues

Avast Endpoint Protection Solutions

Avast endpoint protection

Avast Endpoint Protection is a multi-layered security solution for businesses. Its powerful malware protection keeps viruses and ransomware out of your company’s system and away from sensitive data. 

Network security management is delivered through a cloud based console from where you can deploy your endpoint protection. 

Web traffic is filtered through Avast’s Web Shield to block harmful materials entering your system. A static scanner examines all files and folders using cloud-based analytics to continually monitor your system. 

Avast DeepScreen creates a clone of your entire system to optimize your security without having to put your data at risk while Avast CyberCapture isolates, captures and then sends suspicious files or folders to Avast Threat Labs. There they are analyzed to help prevent further attacks.

The Behavior Shield monitors the system while you are working so that it can provide an automated threat protection in real time. 

Avast Endpoint Protection is designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, keeping them safe from phishing, password theft and zero day threats.

The advanced version offers online privacy protection for your information when you use the internet. 


  • Files and programs are scanned with antivirus software before being opened or run
  • A firewall filters network traffic and blocks suspicious connections
  • Blocks dangerous sites before opening
  • Anti-spam and anti-phishing software


  • Expensive protection

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Bitdefender Business Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is a high performance solution for endpoint protection. It can be managed in the cloud or as an on-premises platform with centralized management.  Deployment is user-friendly, with basic technical skills needed. 

GravityZone, like a lot of endpoint protection, uses behavioral analysis and machine learning techniques to deliver complete protection. This is how it provides a layered security system. 

Using both dynamic and static models, the machine learning gathers file samples from multiple endpoints. If a threat is detected, it is neutralized through termination, removal, quarantine or roll back of any malicious changes. 

GravityZone Business Security has the latest technology for ransomware mitigation, giving you peace of mind that your system is protected.

A comprehensive but simple procedure allows you to remotely install this protection on your computers without the need for dedicated servers.

To reduce your organization’s risk, you need an endpoint protection system that will identify weaknesses in your system and remediate them before they can be exploited.

GravityZone will reduce your business’ exposure to attack by prioritizing any kind of risky operating system or software. 


  • Security issues can be tracked and managed without the need for additional servers 
  • Easily managed in a single, integrated console for full security overview
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Network security protects your data against password theft, brute force attacks or network exploits


  • For more comprehensive protection including mobile device coverage, you will need to upgrade to GravityZone Advanced or Elite

McAfee Enterprise

McAfee device-to-cloud security

McAfee Enterprise has an automated and integrated Endpoint Detection and Response technology that alerts you in real time to any breach of your systems’ security.

It has exploit prevention, antivirus, firewall and web controls to protect against core threats. 

It works to identify malicious code automatically using machine learning and behavior analysis. Security events and threats are shared with multiple technologies, meaning they can be acted on immediately.

An application containment feature blocks infected applications and prevents them from spreading, reducing the threat of zero-day attacks or suspicious files. 

The platform can be flexibly deployed either in the cloud or as an on-premises protection system. Its centralized console makes management easy and accessible. 

This platform works to protect your business and its data by defending against ransomware and grayware.

While grayware or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) may not be obviously malicious, it can have implications for your security.

It can contain applications that track your activity online or bombard your devices with pop-ups, slowing them down. 

McAfee Enterprise is aimed at mid-sized or larger businesses who want strong endpoint detection and response (EDR) and automated threat detection. It is regularly updated by the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Platform, making it more intelligent and adaptable in real time.


  • State-of-the-art machine learning techniques which automatically identify malware
  • It features automated technology for  Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Protects against threats with exploit prevention, antivirus, web controls and firewall


  • Can take up a lot of space on your system

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec’s Endpoint Protection is a complete and integrated endpoint security solution that can be cloud based, an on-premises platform or a hybrid of both. 

It offers strong protection, including attack surface reduction, breach prevention, attack prevention as well as threat detection and response. 

The above services are powered by Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network, the world’s largest civilian threat database. With this, Symantec offers one of the most comprehensive and powerful endpoint protection solutions. 

This platform provides protection against ransomware attacks, minimizes false positives through machine learning and blocks zero-day attacks. You can optimize your protection by fine-tuning the detection engines. 

A single cloud console makes endpoint protection management simple and easy to access from anywhere.

You can also update policies and improve security with the AI guided system management. 

This endpoint protection platform is perfect for large enterprises and businesses who need powerful and comprehensive security solutions. 


  • Cloud-connected user protection
  • Enhanced mobile application security
  • Protection against fileless attacks, 
  • Ability to monitor and block unauthorized access


  • Smaller businesses feel pushed out of Symantec’s market following a recent takeover by Broadcom

Sophos Intercept X

Sophos® Intercept X Endpoint

Sophos has been in the computer protection industry since the mid-1980s. Since that time cybersecurity has become one of the most important aspects of any business or enterprise and Sophos has kept pace with the times.

Their Intercept X platform merges AI deep learning technology with Endpoint Detection and Response to create a complete endpoint security solution. 

Intercept X has a multi layer protection system. It fends off attacks with threat specific products, but then hits any that manage to get through with a new set of solutions. 

Its malware proactively protects against threats using artificial intelligence. By mimicking the neural network of the brain, AI can solve complex and challenging solutions. 

In the process, it is deep learning and can deal not just with known threats but also something it has never previously encountered.

The anti-ransomware uses a technology called CryptoGuard to prevent this costly kind of cyberattack on your business. Its exploit prevention looks for the tools and techniques used in exploits, including browser-based, using Sophos web protection. 

Designed for larger businesses and organizations with hundreds of endpoints, Sophos’ Intercept X provides powerful protection.

It works equally well with Mac as well as Windows PCs, servers, cloud based IT or virtual machines.  


  • Provides advanced threat detection and remediation
  • All endpoint capabilities are centralized in a single interface 
  • Analytics and reporting produce in-depth security insights


  • Browser-based protection is below the industry standard

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

kaspersky endpoint security

Kaspersky has been providing businesses with a range of cybersecurity solutions for a long time, and they are a recognizable and trusted name in data protection. 

The platform focuses on three aspects of protection, behavior, internet protection and email threats. It analyzes the behavior of data generated by computer processes and looks at it for evidence of malware. 

Not only can it find malware that is trying to avoid detection, but it can also undo any changes made to your system by this malicious software. This is done with its Behavior Detection, Exploit Prevention, and Remediation Engine

Kaspersky’s internet protection scans incoming and outgoing traffic from your endpoints. It will examine websites for indicators of phishing to detect if that website is on its list of web addresses to avoid. 

It will then block access to these sites through its Web Threat Protection. This works in conjunction with its Network Threat Protection, which identifies traffic that may attack a user’s endpoint. 

Finally, Kaspersky’s Endpoint Security scans both incoming and outgoing emails to look for viruses or malware. The software then identifies the type of attack and blocks it.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud has been developed for small businesses with less than 100 employees.

It can be run and managed by a dedicated IT team. While it is optimized for Windows, it will also run on Mac and Linux. 


  • Offers excellent protection against malware without impeding the endpoint performance
  • Exceeds the industry average for detecting malware
  • External storage services such as Google Drive can be monitored 
  • The user interface is simple and intuitive 


  • Not suitable for larger enterprises or a full security operations center

Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Microsoft Defender antivirus

Microsoft has developed their Defender Antivirus specifically for protection against malware in the form of spyware or computer viruses. It works particularly well with Windows 10 and is preloaded onto any machine running that operating system. 

The platform uses data analysis and machine learning, as well as Microsoft’s own cloud infrastructure, to provide endpoint protection.

In testing, it has achieved perfect scores for defending against malware. It protects by scanning process and file behaviors in real-time to detect malicious content or viruses.  

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is a consolidated platform designed to protect endpoints through its behavior based antivirus. It also offers post-breach detection and provides the user with incident response activity and alerts. 

Threat detection is achieved by using its programming, AI and Microsoft’s cloud-based infrastructure to analyze huge amounts of data. The AI can identify malware over safe software by recognizing attack patterns. 

This antivirus software comes as part of the Windows 10 OS package, but for business users, this license will not be sufficient.

At a minimum, business owners will need the Pro license, which includes built-in data encryption.

For larger organizations, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Enterprise edition would be more appropriate. 


  • Excellent for Windows 10 customers who do not have to use a third party for endpoint protection
  • Also available for Mac and Linux
  • Uses behavioral antivirus to detect malware, viruses or ransomware


  • Businesses will need the Pro or Enterprise edition

Trend Micro Apex One

Trend Micro Apex One

Trend Micro Apex One is an advanced automated threat detection and response platform for endpoint protection. It offers deployment flexibility with either cloud based, on-premises or hybrid solutions. 

This platform proactively detects and reacts to threats before any damage can be done to your system or your data is corrupted or stolen. Its protections extend to physical and virtual devices, as well as to critical platforms.

It uses machine learning with behavioral analysis to protect endpoints from advanced threats. 

Trend Micro Apex One eliminates risk exposure by protecting your vulnerabilities with innovative patching capabilities and in-depth research.

It reduces the burden on IT teams by stopping threats through its detection and response features. 

With its advanced detection capabilities, this platform is suitable for most organizations, from small businesses to large corporations. 


  • Single console management for reporting and response
  • Flexible deployment through SaaS, on-premises or hybrid
  • Advanced ransomware software


  • The user interface can be complicated 

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

webroot secureanywhere business endpoint protection

Webroot’s Business Endpoint Protection is easy to install, operate and manage software. It is designed for small to midsize businesses that do not have the budget or staff for a full IT team. 

Cybersecurity is just as important to these organizations as it is to large multinationals, but the subject can be confusing to the uninitiated. Webroot has provided a simple but effective solution for this platform. 

Some of the features of this endpoint protection are its easy installation and set-up. You simply log in to the web based management console and download the software. It takes no time to install and does not occupy a lot of storage space on your device.

The solution keeps customer data, critical systems and intellectual property safe from cyberattacks such as phishing, ransomware and malware. It has a speedy antivirus check which takes just minutes.

Countering zero-day attacks which are vulnerabilities to which no fix has been applied is something that Webroot needs to improve on as it fell below industry standards during testing. 

Webroot has targeted the market of small businesses looking for endpoint protection, but who do not have a dedicated IT team or department. 


  • Easy to install, operate and manage
  • Fast antivirus scanning


  • Does not fare well against zero-day attacks
  • Flagged authentic software as a threat more often than the industry average

In Summary

Choosing an endpoint protection solution for your business is not just about finding the right platform or ticking off security checklists. 

It is important to follow the innovations of both cybersecurity and cybercrime to make sure that your data is not going to be exposed and that it always has the utmost protection. 

Losing data is more than a loss of information, it is the loss of money, time, and business. 

More than all of that, it is the loss of trust. If clients lose trust in your ability to keep yourself safe from ransomware, phishing or viruses, are they going to be able to trust you with their data?

Most businesses are built on reputation, which can fall as quickly as they can rise. Make sure your reputation is safeguarded by using our guide to choose the right endpoint protection solution for your business.