Best Email Security Gateway Solution 2023

Best email security gateway solutions

When running and owning your own company, one of the most important factors you should consider when safeguarding your business is ensuring that your email security is the best it possibly can be.

So much so, email is one of the most vulnerable and targeted areas by hackers, as emails tend to contain a lot of information (including sensitive) that we’re sure you want to keep private and confidential.

Additionally, things such as email scams and phishing emails are rising, so ensuring your email is protected makes sense.

This is where the magic of an email security gateway comes into the mix. To ensure that you can find the best email security for your company email account(s), we will provide a helpful review of some of the best email security gateways currently available to buy on the market.

Most of the options we have selected use technologies primarily based within the cloud and include various functional features ranging from API integration, Mail Flow Redirection and much more.

Along with ensuring that you will be getting the best recommendations for you and your company, we have also tried to find a range of different options at various price points to cater to everyone.

Along the way, we will also share with you some additional information about email security gateways to make sure that you pick the best option for you, your company, and your preferences.

What is an Email Security Gateway?

Before we jump any further into this article, we first think it would be a good idea to outline exactly what an email security gateway is.

By clearly understanding what it is for and its purpose, you will find that you can pick a platform that best suits you and your company.

So, let’s take a look:

A secure email gateway (sometimes called SEGs) is a type of email security platform solution designed to sit in line on an email path from the internet into the internal corporate email server.

Wondering why this is done?

Well, when a secure email gateway is installed into the overall system of a company or personal email, it will be able to essentially “scan” an email before it is delivered into the inbox to scan for any malicious or suspicious content within the outbound email.

When this is done, it means that any phishing emails or emails that contain malicious content will be unable to reach the corporate system and wreak havoc.

Even though some business emails already have a secure email gateway system built into the platform, not all offer this service. So, many business owners need to source their secure email gateways from trustworthy and reliable third parties – and this brings us to our next section.

The Best Email Security Gateways: Top Picks

As we have mentioned briefly, plenty of different email security gateway platforms are currently available on the market. However, despite so many options available, not all are good.

You will find reviews of some of the best email security gateways we have carefully selected below.

🏆 Wlan Labs Top Pick
SpamTitan Email Security and Protection

Security for email blocks spam, malware, phishing viruses, and other harmful threats to email.

SpamTitan security solutions for email provide advanced yet simple to use email security for your company. Microsoft 365 friendly.

Let’s take a look at them all below:

SpamTitan Email Security Gateway

SpamTitan Gateway

Suppose you have already begun to do a little bit of research into the various security gateway platforms currently available to use.

In that case, we’re sure you’ll already be familiar with the SpamTitan Security Gateway. Let’s take a look at why it is our top pick of the article below:

Considered to be one of the best security gateways on the market right now, SpamTitan’s software can provide incredible protection against all types of cyber attacks and email threats ranging from phishing attacks, ransom emails and general malicious email content.

So much so that it has been built using a very advanced spam filtering software that has industry-leading effectiveness of 99.99% (yes, you read that correctly), which means that you’ll be able to purchase this with the peace of mind that it’s going to do what it’s supposed to do.

Along with the ability to offer a near-perfect ability to filter through spam emails and prevent them from landing inside your inbox or even so much as reaching your company’s internal mail platform – this email security gateway from SpamTitan also comes with the ability to offer unparalleled protection against a variety of other cyber attacks and threats, ranging from phishing attacks to ransomware.

It can do this alongside filtering out any unwanted spam by utilizing clever advanced protection technology that can automatically carry out checks periodically to eliminate any malicious content that may be trying to hack your company’s information via email.

This includes emails that contain phishing tricks, all the way to emails that contain malicious attachments that, once clicked on, may provide hackers access to business-sensitive information.

SpamTitan can offer this inbound and outbound protection by utilizing innovative multi-layered technology to ensure protection from phishing, CEO impersonation, attachment sandboxing and much more.

The platform is also extremely easy to use and comes with plenty of functionality, so little know-how is required to effectively get it up and running for your company.

Along with all of this top-of-the-line email protection against hackers, we think that you might also be interested to learn that SpamTitan will also provide you with the ability to be able to configure and adjust threat protection policies.

It can also create your very own data leak prevention rules that will help refine and polish SpamTitan’s performance and ensure that any outbound email information loss will be prevented in its tracks.

SpamTitan is a great option for companies needing an email security gateway that will offer a premium performance while ensuring a convenient and enjoyable user experience.

SpamTitan Main features:

  • Plenty of usability and enjoyable to use
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Knowledgeable and helpful support team on hand to assist with any questions, concerns or issues that you may have while using the platform
  • The ability to offer protection against all cyber attacks – including phishing, malware, malicious attachments and more.



Next up on our list, we have selected Avanan, another widely-respected multilayer email security gateway that can offer comprehensive threat protection across your inbound and outbound mail and your company’s internal mail system.

Offering a premium performance that won’t break the bank, Avanan is a great email protection provider for companies looking to get the very best value for their money.

Avanan can offer comprehensive protection against viruses, data loss and leaks, account breeches, suspicious URLs, malicious links, malware and other attack attempts by ensuring that your internal mail system will be kept safe from hackers.

In addition, Avanan is highly versatile, and the platform has been built with the ability to configure itself to various mail service providers, including Slack, Google Drive and many others.

Not only that, but Avanan offers affordable payment packages that will cater to all price points, which makes it ideal for start-ups and established businesses alike.

Main features:

  • Affordable pricing plans that are ideal for all price points.
  • The ability to analyze user email history to detect all impersonations and attempts of fraud.
  • Advanced protection against phishing, data loss, account security breaches, and malware.

Barracuda Total Email Protection

Barracuda Total Email Protection

Suppose you’re currently in the market for a top-of-the-line email protection service that can keep your internal mail system protected while offering a supportive and friendly customer service approach.

In that case, we think the Barracuda Total Email Protection might be the solution you are looking for.

Carefully designed to ensure ultimate protection across your enterprise’s email system, the Barracuda Total Email Protection consists of an innovative cloud-based system that utilizes numerous layers of security to protect against phishing, ransomware, malware, general fraud and other unwanted cyber attacks.

Wondering how it can do all of this? Well, Barracuda’s cloud-based solution comes equipped with a variety of different innovative features that will be able to offer a premium protection performance against cyber threats.

These include the following:

  • A convenient and user-friendly interface consists of a web-based portal that will give you full control over security policies and which devices are configured to the system in one place.
  • Built-in AI features will be able to analyze and track common user history and behavior to identify malicious content, attempts of fraud, as well as all other types of cyber attacks and hacking attempts.
  • Full sandboxing and payload analysis will detect and identify zero-day malware and more sophisticated threats as cyber hackers constantly evolve and try new methods to hack into enterprise mail systems.
  • Various built-in features will be able to ensure ultimate security against cyber threats, including domain-based message authentication, as well as reporting and conformance enforcement.
  • Automatic scanning and analysis of all external emails to ensure that they do not contain any malicious or dangerous content (such as malware links) before the content even has a chance to reach the internal system.

Plus, unlike other email protection systems currently available on the market, the Barracuda Total Email Protection Service stands out from the rest because it is well known for offering an unparalleled customer experience.

Suppose you decide to select Barracuda’s cloud-based protection platform. In that case, you will be able to enjoy quick and responsive customer service should you have any questions or concerns, as well as regular training courses on being able to spot phishing emails as well as other targeted attacks free of charge.

Main Features:

  • Frequent training sessions help you and other enterprise members stay vigilant against cyber attacks.
  • Advanced features that will be able to protect against sophisticated attacks.
  • Automatic scanning of all external emails to ensure no malicious or unwanted content.
  • Built-in AI to track and analyze normal user behavior to spot suspicious behavior and/or cyber hacks.
  • Total sandboxing and data encryption to ensure safety against all threats.

Cisco Secure Email

Cisco Secure Email

Offering a premium protection performance and great value for money, we have selected the Cisco Secure Email next up on our list.

Let’s consider why it’s a great option to consider below.

Unlike some of the other providers we have already included in this review, Cisco Secure Email can offer a multi-layered protection service against email communications by helping prevent data leaks and threat security across virtual and physical applications.

Users report that Cisco offers a near-perfect catch rate across general phishing and malware attacks, as well as the ability to offer protection against more sophisticated hacking attempts, too.

One of the biggest benefits of opting to use Cisco as your company’s email protection provider is that the platform comes with the ability to utilize plenty of different customization features.

So much so that you will have the ability to tailor the configuration to your preferences and needs of the business, including security policy, the ability to select which comprehensive protection you would like, as well as convenience and ease of use thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Main Features:

  • Cisco’s research team will be able to provide protection against suspicious emails by blocking all emails that do not meet the criteria within their threat intelligence process, which is handled by the in-house team.
  • URL analysis can block suspicious links and URLs in real time.
  • Over 99% catch rate.
  • Data encryption for all outbound emails sent by employee addresses.
  • Consistent domain filtering to ensure safety when clicking on embedded URLs.
  • The ability to detect spoof inbound emails.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway


If you’re looking for a cloud-based protection solution for your business, then the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway should be on your radar. Let’s take a closer like at why it’s such a great option to consider below:

Designed with sophisticated attacks in mind, the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway has been carefully designed to offer a variety of advanced features that will help to prevent complex cyber attacks from slipping through the cracks into your enterprise’s internal mail system.

It can also offer complete protection against all employee email accounts to ensure complete data protection across the entire system.

In addition to offering basic and advanced protection against cyber attacks and hackers, the Mimecast cloud-based platform can also allow you to opt for a CyberGraph.

This advanced feature allows an AI to track user behavior and spot any suspicious activity that might have gone unnoticed.

Main Features:

  • Automatic URL and content scanning on all inbound emails to prevent recipients from falling victim to malicious content and clicking links/accidentally downloading malicious attachments.
  • Pretend “Just in Time” emails that will be sent internally by the system to help train employees on how to spot malicious emails if they click on the link.
  • Impersonation protection will be able to prevent any email attacks of hackers that are impersonating an organization or external client/customer through domain spoofing.
  • The ability to safely allow employees to click on embedded URLs as the system will block any cyber attacks, including malware and phishing attacks.

Fortinet Fortimail


Last but certainly not least, the final recommendation we have selected is the Fortinet Fortimail, which focuses on keeping enterprise data secure by focusing on volume-based threats and attacks.

When installed and configured to your company’s internal mail system, Fortinet Fortimail will be able to begin getting to work in protecting your system from all types of cyber attacks.

It will do this by providing general antimalware and anti-spam protection, as well as a variety of advanced features that will help protect against more sophisticated and complex attacks ranging from sandbox analysis impersonation fraud outback protection and much more.

In addition, Fortinet Fortimail also offers a targeted approach and affinity to bulk emails, ransomware and attacks while being compatible in various formats to ensure ultimate compatibility across a range of devices, including SaaS.

All in all, a great option to consider if you have a large internal mail system and want a protection solution that will be able to cater to this need.

Main Features:

  • More affordable than some other protection options that we have already included in this roundup
  • The ability to offer a targeted protection approach to bulk content
  • Advanced features to help protect against more sophisticated and complex attacks

The Bottom Line

Now that you have taken the time to read through our article above, we are hoping that you have been able to find the perfect email gateway solution for you and your company’s needs.

To sum up, everything that we have talked about above. It is very important to make sure that you are making the protection of your company’s main email address (as well as any employee email addresses that you might have) a priority – as email accounts are one of the most highly targeted areas of a business that hackers tend to go for.

Just like with our private email addresses, company email addresses tend to contain a variety of confidential business information, as well as sensitive personal information that we’re sure you’ll want to keep confidential.

It is also important to remember that hackers are also using other methods to try and hack into business email accounts and scam the owner via email phishing and other targeted hacking methods.

So, with all that being said, ensuring that your company business email has a security email gateway will help guarantee that hackers cannot access your private information.

As for which email gateway you should choose? Now that you have taken the time to read through all of our reviews and top recommendations above, we hope you have not got your sights set on the perfect platform for you and your business needs…as well as your budget.

However, suppose you are still on the fence about which platform to use, or you’d simply like some additional guidance. In that case, we recommend opting for our best overall pick of the article, which is the SpamTitan security email gateway.

This platform provides everything you’ll need to protect your business email while offering plenty of functionality and usability that will suit even someone with very little technical knowledge.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a secure email gateway platform that will offer you excellent value for your money and ensure that you can keep your business email protected without breaking the bank, we recommend opting for Avanan.

Besides being one of the more affordable secure email gateways currently available to purchase, it also offers a performance that rivals some of the more premium options we have included in our top recommendations.

It even comes with built-in features that can prevent phishing. Thank you for reading; we hope that this guide has been helpful to you in finding the perfect email security gateway platform for your company.


Do I Need a Secure Email Gateway?

Even though getting a secure email gateway is not necessary, it is highly recommended that you invest in one for your business email.

Why? Well, now more than ever, there are more cyber attacks carried out by hackers worldwide, including ransomware attacks.

These emails contain malicious attachments, as well as a variety of different phishing attacks.

In other words, a secure email gateway is essential to your company’s online protection. It can prevent harmful content and attacks from getting into your business’s internal mail software.

How do you Choose an Email Security Gateway?

Although we all know email protection is important, knowing what to look for when selecting comprehensive security can be a little easier said than done.

To help you make sure that you know exactly what to look for when choosing the right email security gateway for your company’s mail system – let’s break down some of the most important features associated with premium email security:
Phishing protection: First things first, one of the most important features that you should look for when choosing an email security platform to protect your company’s mail system is something that is known as phishing protection.

Essentially, phishing protection will be able to prevent phishing emails that can often contain misleading information or malicious content in a bid to trick you or someone else into clicking on a link or providing sensitive information.

Instead of running the risk of encountering one of these dangerous emails, phishing protection will be able to work by automatically scanning and analyzing all of the emails that are sent to your company’s mail system and then make an analysis of whether or not it is safe to cross through into the inbox.
Malicious attachments: The next feature you should make sure that your chosen email security has is the ability to protect against any malicious attachments that hackers might try and send through to your internal mail system.

When a proficient email security gateway platform is set up and connected to your company’s email system, it should be able to offer you the peace of mind that you have protection against any content that may contain malicious attachments.

By this, we mean attachments that cyber hackers might try and tempt you to click on so that they can access confidential and private company information.
Viruses: Last but certainly not least, the final feature you should keep an eye out for when selecting an email security gateway is the ability to protect your company’s internal system by offering protection against viruses.

These viruses are usually sent as email content. When a premium email gateway security platform is connected and configured to your email, it can offer protection against viruses by carrying out scans and analyses to ensure they are removed before they even have a chance to land in your company’s mailbox.